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OBM works as a trusted partner to help Akron, Ohio businesses like yours build and maintain its Information Technology infrastructure at every level. As partners we explore what services enhance your operations whether your business is large or small.

Working with us is both smart and strategic. As a critical starting point, we get to know you and your business. We learn about your business goals and the processes you have in place that support them.

Once we’re completely armed with this information, we assess how your IT infrastructure aligns with business strategy and how we can make it better with the right adjustments. From here, we take care to tailor a specific plan that’s ideally suited for your operations. We’re always transparent at any stage of the work we do – from the planning and budgeting to ongoing guidance and support. You know what you’re getting from day one and down the line.

When you delegate IT management to OBM, you sleep better at night. We keep your Akron area business from skidding to a stop in the face of an internal or external threat. That way you can handle daily operations and grow your business, while we manage in the background.

Our customizable services range from threat minimization to productivity maximization. They include:

Antivirus and Malware Protection:

External threats -- like viruses, phishing and more – are constant. Our experts have your back. We protect your network from threats and maintain your data on offsite servers.

Full-time Monitoring and Support:

We will be there for you when everything runs smoothly and if there is ever an issue. We’ve designed our continuous, around-the-clock monitoring and support services to keep an eye on your network. If something suspicious pops up, we’ll let you know and get to work immediately on resolving the problem. We also monitor your infrastructure —servers, routers, firewalls, and much more—for any performance issues. We identify threats and opportunities and address them to improve productivity throughout your business.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Data loss can grind business to a halt. You’ll be in good hands with OBM. We help you back up and protect your information in case of disaster. Perhaps your IT infrastructure or physical facility is compromised; you will still have remote access to your data. And your custom disaster recovery plan will keep your business operating as you address other issues. We understand the importance of data access. Have all your critical information secured, backed up and accessible even if there is a network failure.

Help Desk Services:

Delegate your help desk services to OBM. Our well-trained professionals will improve response times and improve customer support. Our fully staffed, remote department is always ready to address issues quickly and accurately.

Remote Employee Management:

Working remotely is trending and isn’t expected to change anytime soon. Our team can help yours securely connect their home offices to your operations. Employees never need to miss a beat because of access.

Server Virtualization:

Using server virtualization, a single physical server can run multiple operating systems. We will work with you to modernize your network and maximize its performance. Leveraging technology in this manner may result in cost savings.

Vendor Management:

We can manage your vendor relationships and contracts. As a result, you will be able to focus your time on more pressing tasks. We’ll help you control costs and performance.

If you need help in these and many other managed IT areas, OBM can help.

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