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Our Exclusive "Seven Year Security Blanket"


OBM is so confident in the new equipment we represent that we guarantee you a full seven years of product performance, provided your machine is continuously covered by our Service and Supply Programs.

If we are unable to repair the equipment in your office, we will provide your with a free “Loaner” at no additional charge until repairs have been completed and your original equipment is returned to your business.

Note: Copiers up to 50 copies per minute are guaranteed for at least 7 years or 2 million copies, whichever comes first.

Copiers above 50 copies per minute are guaranteed for at least 7 years or 4 million copies, whichever comes first.

If we cannot repair your equipment, we will replace it with a brand new machine of equal or greater capabilities.

We Guarantee it!


OBM guarantees you fast service response in order to keep your business running efficiently and profitably.

When you select equipment from OBM which is continuously covered by OBM Service and Supply Programs we will guarantee emergency service response time of less than four (4) hours or we’ll pay you!

Note: 80% of all OBM service calls are responded to in less than three hours. This is the elapsed time from your initial call for service to the time a technician arrives in your office during normal business hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM) Monday through Friday, except holidays.

If we do not meet this Service Response Guarantee you will receive a 5% credit towards your next OBM monthly invoice.

We Guarantee it!


OBM guarantees you top quality supplies. Because the wrong supplies may damage your equipment, we save your company the inconvenience and expense of “down-time” and service calls.

Our supplies are all OEM ensuring optimum performance of your equipment.

All supplies are kept in our inventory locally, for immediate access to you, our customer.

We Guarantee it!


Finally, total protection for the risk-free acquisition. If for any reason we do not fulfill our responsibility to you under these Security Blanket Guarantees and the equipment has been continuously covered by our Service and Supply Programs, OBM will buy out your lease. That’s right, no more payments, no risk; we’ll take back the product.

Written notification and thirty (30) days in which to perform our responsibilities under the terms of the Security Blanket are required. Naturally, abuse and misuse of the equipment and uncontrollable “acts of nature” are excluded.

We are so sure of our products and our service that if we don’t deliver on our Security Blanket Guarantees- YOU DON’T PAY!

We Guarantee it!

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