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Fast, efficient, and reliable communications are a necessity for businesses in Cleveland, Toledo and other cities. To keep up with day-to-day demands, whether you are interacting directly with customers or collaborating internally, you need a network that simply works. Star2Star offers solutions that work no matter the situation. They have pure cloud solutions that offer high-quality, flexible voice without purchasing or managing any expensive hardware. Alternatively, Star2Star’s on-premise cloud platform provides the enhanced reliability of a PBX with the agility of the cloud. Both options provide maximum support, stability, and cost savings for your business  communication needs.

Benefits of Star2Star's Full Spectrum
Communication Solutions:

Better Technology

Star2Star’s Constellation™ Network continuously monitors Internet traffic across the United States and will route calls in the pathway with the least delays. Two-way traffic shaping and SD-WAN technology prioritize voice, cloud, and data traffic while maximizing your bandwidth.

Multi-Location Flexibility

Experience crystal clear calls from any location, from a single office site to a distributed global environment. Maximize business flexibility with VoIP phone systems in a changing work landscape.

Unified Digital Experience

Star2Star’s Business Voice for Microsoft Teams allows seamless calling using Star2Star’s cloud based direct routing integration with the Microsoft Teams platform. The ‘unified’ digital experience is also extended to Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop Workspaces. Star2Star’s unique cloud-native communications and collaboration platform integrates seamlessly with your virtual desktop strategy to drive productivity, increase ROI, and deliver the best digital experience in the market.

Save Money

Our services can reduce your costs by 50%. Pool all your lines for locations to reduce the total number of lines you need. Run your system on virtually any bandwidth. Replace costly services like late-night answering and call forwarding with reliable alternatives. Streamline your communications cost by having all services on one bill.

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