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Sophos – Cybersecurity Solution for Your Business in Cleveland, Akron, Erie, Columbus, and Toledo.

Sophos Cloud-based Security Platform Eases IT Management

Stop ransomware before it holds hostage your entire IT system, and thus, your entire company based in Cleveland, Akron or other cities. Stop complex malware attacks before they interfere with productivity and require costly management solutions.

A single threat can affect everything — your web browser, firewall, servers, endpoints, and data. While threats have grown more coordinated and sinister, security solutions have struggled to keep up. Until now.

Today’s Synchronized Security enables products to dynamically share information and work together, enhancing your defenses so you’re more coordinated than the attackers. With Synchronized Security, you can discover unknown threats, analyze data in real time, and respond automatically to incidents. You can secure cloud workloads, data, apps, and access from the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Just ask Sophos Synchronized Security customers. Eighty-five percent agree it has improved their security posture. Learn more about security threats and solutions.

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