New A4 Printing Devices

There’s a new printer in town that offers right-sized capabilities for smaller businesses, dedicated teams, and organizations seeking outstanding printing performance in a compact, versatile package. The new A4 printing devices are here! These multifunctional printers (MFP) are ideal for highly demanding yet space-restricted work groups of all types. A4 printers adhere to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.  

Offering full-function color performance 

Available from both Sharp and Ricoh, compact A4 printing devices can print or scan on letter- or legal-sized paper (8.5×11 inches and 11×17 inches) and offer full-function, color performance. In comparison, the larger A3 machines are geared to handle larger tabloid-size paper, which might not be called for in every situation.  

Taking Ricoh’s offerings as an example, these new A4 printing devices feature faster output speeds, more powerful central processing units, higher yield toners, and higher lifetime durability ratings. Ricoh’s A4 line provides color multifunctional printing, which has been growing in popularity for some time. 

Integrating A4 with OBM’s managed print services core 

Many businesses are spending too much on printing, which can also tie up IT teams as they attempt to keep up with print-related issues. Instead, these new A4 printing devices integrate with OBM’s managed print services. Managed print services offer customizable programs to optimize and manage a company’s document output.  

It uses a software collection agent to measure printing volume and usage patterns by device and across your overall printer output, thus cutting your operating costs. To understand your printer workflow, managed print services track who uses your equipment, thus revealing how you can optimize your resources best for efficiency and benefits. 

Learn more  

Contact us to learn more about the new A4 printing devices from Sharp and Ricoh, and explore how OBM’s managed print services can help businesses and IT departments handle the increasing complexity of modern printing requirements.  

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